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Business Telephone Support Videos

Polycom VVX 411 Phone Overview (0:56)

Button Configuration (2:17)

Directional Buttons / My Favorites (1:23)

Configuring Directory Buttons (1:54)

Voicemail Setup (4:43)

Contextual Buttons & Call Forwarding (1:48)

Transferring Calls – Attended Transfer (2:22)

Transferring Calls – Blind Transfer (2:06)

Conferencing (2:05)

Submitting a Support Ticket (1:00)


Every single ZTelco solution comes standard with ZTelco White Glove Service. Although our company is known for utilizing cutting-edge technology, ZTelco’s foundation is built with just one simple idea – to always be there for our customers. We’ve flourished to where we are today because our customers can always count on us.


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